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Our school family
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Gender Pay Gap Report

Our Data
We collected our data on 5th April 2020, at which time, we had a total of 596 employees; 435 (73%) female employees and 161 (27%) male employees.

The mean gender pay gap
Our mean gender pay gap is 18.75% meaning that females within the organisation are paid 18.75% lower than males within the organisation.

The median gender pay gap
The median gender pay gap is 30.2% which means that the mid-point of the female employee’s hourly rate is 30.2% lower than the mid-point of all male employee’s hourly rate.

The mean bonus gender pay gap
The mean bonus gender pay gap is 0%. This is due to the fact that there are no employees that are in roles that attract a bonus payment.

The median bonus gender pay gap
The median bonus gender pay gap is also 0% for the same reasons as above.


The proportion of males and females receiving a bonus payment 

Proportion of males receiving a bonus payment


Proportion of females receiving a bonus payment



The proportion (and number) of males and females in each quartile band



Lower Quartile

Lower Middle Quartile

Upper Middle Quartile

Upper Quartile


31.03%  (135)

22.99%  (100)

23.91%  (104)

22.07%  (96)



9.94%  (16)

27.95%  (45)

29.19%  (47)

32.92%  (53)


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