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Year Group Leader

Aspire Academy

Details about this role

Job reference: asp_xxx_200921

Level/salary range: Grade F; Level 8-13; (£20,493+£22,627 FTE)

Hours of work: 25.25 hours: Mon to Wed (8.15 am to 12) Thursday and Friday (8.15am to 3.45pm)

Contract type: Permanent

Closing date for applicants: 29 April 2021

Interviews: w/c 3 May 2021

Start date: ASAP

  • Click here to download the job description and person specification for this role: LINK TO THE APPLICANT PDF PACK GOES HERE
  • For further details about this role, please email recruitment@hslt.academy

What this role involves

As a Year 1 Class Teacher, you will:

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About us

We are an Alternative Provision Academy that serves vulnerable students within Hull and the East Riding. Our main sites are situated in East Hull, very close to the border with the East Riding.

Our students are taught in a range of specifically designed buildings including a new £3.2 million building. The Academy has been purposely designed to meet the needs of our students. We have an innovative approach to learning and teaching and aim to ensure that the learning experience for our students is one that is tailored in a way that ensures progress.

We enjoy working with a large range of professionals to support our students and we are always keen to forge partnerships. We see ourselves as being at the cutting edge of educational provision and individual development.

Application form

Job reference: asp_xxx_200921
About you - Step 1 of 12

IMPORTANT: Before you begin...

The following application form is split into 12 sections which should take around 30 minutes to complete. As there is currently no facility for applicants to save their progress, you may find it helpful to have the following standard interview information to hand, prior to filling out your application: education history, qualifications, employment history, references etc.

Although all sections are straightforward, Section 6 (Supporting Statement) requires applicants to describe how they meet the essential criteria of the person specification. Information, examples and evidence to illustrate how you feel you meet the essential criteria should also be included. As there is currently no facility for applicants to save their progress, you may find it useful to compose this statement separately (e.g. in Microsoft Word) before copying and pasting your text into the box in Section 6.


Please note: a copy of your submitted application form will be emailed to you on completion.

If you have any questions about this application form, please email recruitment@hlt.academy clearly stating the job reference number.

Newland St John’s Primary Academy – Year 1 Class Teacher TEST

Job reference: nsj_y1t_190421

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