Our school family
Our school family
Archbishop Sentamu Academy
Aspire Academy
Baldersby St James Primary School
Barlby High School
Burton Green Primary School
Compass Academy
Forest of Galtres Primary School
George Pindar School
Graham School
Manor CE Academy
Newland St John’s CE Academy
Poppleton Ousebank Primary School
Skelton Primary School
St James’ CE Academy
Vale of York Academy

Our Vision

Our vision

Our vision is very simple.

We aspire to provide a place where children and young people can THRIVE...

...as learners

We work with trust schools in aiming to create a culture of excellence, by being relentless in providing the very best for our children and students. We believe that given the right support, in the right environment, all young people can thrive and make excellent progress. For us, what matters most is the distance travelled, not where the children end up.

We impress on our children to work hard, to get involved (in music, sport, drama or any other activity), but most importantly we inspire them to believe in themselves. Regardless of academic ability, we expect the highest standards from our young people. We encourage active learning across a curriculum that is fun, vibrant and exciting, in a safe and secure setting.

Trust-wide support for SEND
“Our academies have access to specialist colleagues across the Trust, including Trust-wide support for SEND, where our record is exemplary. We actively encourage professional development in this area and have a recognised center of excellence within the Trust. We are leaders in the city in delivering training for High Level Teaching Assistants who work successfully with children with complex needs, and share best practice across the Trust.” Allyson Buckton, Headteacher, Forest of Galtres Anglican Methodist Primary School.


...as creative individuals

First and foremost, our schools are places of learning, but we strongly believe that we succeed together by treating each young person as a creative individual, nurturing their interests and rejoicing in their passion. We understand that no two young people are the same, so we provide opportunities to allow our students to explore all aspects of being unique.

Our schools are highly individual, offering a broad and enriched curriculum tailored to the needs of their community. They have a rich offer of sport, art, performance, outdoor education, support and inclusion. Our young people can choose to sing in choirs, play in rock bands, perform with leading dance companies, take part in debates, grow their own food, participate in the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme, compete in Ultimate Frisbee, coach football to younger children, join sports teams and more.

By encouraging creativity and expression in all its forms, our young people develop not just academically, but as a whole.

Find out more about what our children and young people get involved with

...as caring and engaged citizens

As Church of England and community schools we are particularly committed to motivating our young people from an early age, to become active, caring and engaged members of the community.

The Trust works with the Archbishop of York’s Youth Trust to deliver the Young Leaders Award programme at Key Stages 2,3 & 4. We are advocates for this scheme which empowers young people to make a difference in their local community whilst growing in key leadership skills. Key Stage 4 students from Manor CE Academy (the only school in the area to offer an alternative qualification in Leadership Development) have participated in a variety of community-based activities including working with: elderly people with Alzheimer’s; severely disabled young people in Romania; and orphans in Malawi. Pupils and students passing through our schools will not only be active learners, but they will become good citizens who contribute to making society a better place.

See what Hannah has to say about taking part in the Duke of Edinburgh award scheme

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...as spiritual beings

Our history dates back to 1812 when church schools were founded across England. Being a Church of England multi-academy trust today embodies this 200-year legacy of the first church schools. This distinctiveness is central to everything we do and the values of those early church schools, based around inclusion, community and service are visible across the Trust today.

Our children and young people, regardless of their beliefs, are encouraged to explore worship and respect others of different faith or no faith at all. Throughout their time with us, all our children develop spiritually as well as academically.

Within the Trust, we have developed a leadership programme for church schools and are working with the Education Office of the Church of England to roll out this initiative. We are perfectly aligned with the church’s vision for education and as such will continue to develop programmes which are synonymous with its mission.

Hear what Rachel has to say about how she has thrived spiritually by taking the Archbishop of York Youth Trust’s Young Leader Award.

...as professionals

We want every young person to experience great teaching and get the support they need throughout their time at school. We value our staff immensely and are committed to initial teacher training, professional development and leadership development. As a Trust we are there to challenge but most importantly support each other. No one should feel isolated and on their own.

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Training & CPD
Careers with Hope

...in governance

In a rapidly changing environment, governance is a crucial element in ensuring our children and young people get the best education and that they are able to thrive. It can be a complex and daunting process but we ensure our governors are trained and equipped to support their schools to the highest standards.

There are three key elements which governors are responsible for, which include:

  • ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction;
  • holding the leadership to account for the educational performance of the school and its children and young people; and
  • overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent.


As a Trust, we are there to support and develop highly effective local governance.

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