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Our school family
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Mentor Development Series

Mentor Development Series

Feedback from our Workforce Development Survey 2019/20 clearly demonstrated that colleagues across all of our schools wanted opportunities to be involved in supporting and developing others, as well as sharing best practice. This year we have designed a series of twilight sessions to support Mentor Development which are open to all colleagues, at any stage of their career.

The mentor series:

  • Enables mentors to share best practice across our network of schools (in and out of the trust)
  • Signposts opportunities to further develop and become an ‘expert’ in mentoring
  • Enables colleagues interested in mentoring to develop knowledge of different training programmes, requirements to be prepared to mentor the following year
  • Enables our Teaching School to share best practice from observations and working with school across a range of colleagues – maximum learning
  • Enables colleagues to keep up to date with the latest research and evidence informed practice.

The focus of the sessions is dependent on the needs of mentors and what we feel will be most beneficial for mentors and those being mentored at the time.

Dates for next sessions:

  • TBC

How does the role of the mentor enable a culture of development across our school communities?

You can join live to take part in discussion or watch them in your own time.

How to Apply

To access previous sessions please contact development@hslt.academy

Session 1: Having a great start to your Mentor Partnership

Session 2: Preparing to observe and feedback, introducing Instructional Coaching


Here is what participants have said so far:

“It is always good to refresh knowledge and have reminders of good practice. Also, useful to hear about instructional coaching from a different perspective and in relation to ITT.”

“It’s given me a chance to reflect on my practice and consider how I can better support NQTs or RQTs.”

“Clear succinct and sensible.”

“Very good examples and practical suggestions.”